The start of my journey

Get to know myself

How do I deal with life today?

Coming Home

Practice, practice, practice

Final Thoughts

Self Awareness Refresh!


A note from the founders:

Welcome to our tribe, we’re so glad you’ve joined us! To ensure you get the most out
of the course, here’s a snapshot about how it works.

The course is broken into 7 core segments. Within each segment are a variety of
video and journaling steps. Generally, this is the flow of the course; you’ll watch a
video discussion and then we’ll ask you to capture your journal responses in your
downloaded Reflections Journal pdf. By getting into this flow, you’ll explore your
authentic self and in so doing, find enhanced success in all areas of your life,
personally and professionally.

First, download the writable PDF Reflections Journal. Then – each time you complete
a video, we will show you which questions to look for in your journal. Take a
moment to answer the questions there before you move on.

We hope you enjoy this experience, and the massive change within as a result!

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